Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Boy and His Book

It's Kids' Picks Day over at 5 Minutes for Books.  Click on over to check it out!  There is always an open invite to join in or follow along.  Either way it's a great way to see what other parents are reading to/with their children and what they have to say about the books and stories being read.  If you don't have children, but love to read...  Click here to view the other carnival themes that you can participate in or again, just follow along.  Avid readers must stop by!

Where does the time go?  This spring as I get the kids ready for school in the fall...  My son in Pre-K and the girls in Preschool.  Honestly, what is the difference?  If you have been to my other blog you may know that I've been struggling with whether to homeschool or send them to public school.  It's not an easy decision, but alas, I have their applications in and we'll see.

I highly doubt this months pick by my son has anything to do with school, but he's taken a serious interest in a book that I used as a reference book in High School.  {Yes, I still have some.}

The Visual Encyclopedia of Science has intrigued him so much that I will catch him perusing through it sometimes during the day, but always, always it must be read and reviewed each night before bed.

I love this book.  All three of them ask so many questions, about everything.  Literally.  I love it.

I remember my first fascination with a reference book.  Quite similar to this one, but in the cover it had the Solar System and I would look at it and read it as often as I could.  Which probably inspired my childhood favorite - the Mushroom Planet Series by Eleanor Cameron.

To many more inspired reads, I love you.


Jennifer, Snapshot 5/20/09, 3:31 AM  

Thanks for the great plugs for the 5M4B carnivals!

And how funny that he's digging into the science book. I think that many kids love that sort of thing.

Cynthia 5/20/09, 7:26 PM  

That's great that he is so interested in science! My son really likes science, too. I just love seeing kids who love to learn!

Heather J. 5/21/09, 8:40 AM  

I remember being around his age and devouring the children's encylopedia my mom got me, and also a book all about weather. It must be that age, when kids' brains are like sponges. Glad to see he's found something he's enjoying so much!

Jodi 6/4/09, 8:38 AM  

We, as homeschoolers, love, love, love books at our house. I'll be following this blog too! :)

Jodi @ The Homeschool Desk

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