Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Spy a Freight Train

I Spy a Freight Train by Lucy Micklethwait (ages 4-8)

While at the library my son spotted this gem and asked if we could bring home. He loves trains, so of course I said yes.

We have a large freight train station in town, so it is rare that we not see a train. It's fun to see his excitement when he sees a train, but it hard to also watch him panic as the train keeps going and disappears.

I called this a little gem because I didn't realize that the book about more than just freight trains.

We got to spy on airplanes, row boats, horses, sleighs, a baby carriage and many more. Not to mention the other 'made up' things we spied while making a game of it. It was fun. Even more so, my children haven't heard the term baby carriage or sleigh, so that was fun to see what they thought was it.

Here's another excerpt of the book.

Oh, and while I am not much of an art know it all, in the back of the book are the credits for all of the pictures used. You will find the likes of Van Gogh and other works found in museums.

This book truly is a gem. I think I may put it on my wish list for our personal library.


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