Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Honey Makers

The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons (ages 4-8)

Did you know that bees and pollinators are responsible for every third bite of food? Yeah, me either.

Nor did I realize how fascinating and orderly a bee colony could be!

The Honey Makers is an informative book with wonderful illustrations.

Busy bees work hard to produce the honey that we and an occasional Pooh Bear love to eat. And each have their own assigned job assigned for each stage of their life.

When I say informative, I mean INFORMATIVE. This book is chock full of information.

For example:
Are you aware of the Bee Dances?
How about Beemilk or Royal Jelly?
Forager bees can visit up to 10,000 flowers a day, but all of the nectar collected throughout her entire lifetime will only produce one teaspoon of honey!

I look at bees in a whole new light after reading up on them more. They are not something to be feared, but respected and shown gratitude.


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