Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Great Read to Prepare your Little Ones to Visit an Art Museum

Visiting the Art Museum by Laurene Brown and Marc Brown is a wonderful book to get you and your children ready to visit an art museum.

It's illustrations and photos of real life art make it a fantastic starting point. Journey from Australia to Samoa to America to the Ivory Cost to Mexico. See sculptures and paintings and learn something yourself along the way.

A nude Frisbee player? Really? Pharaohs all wore false beards. Interesting.

Follow a young family of five as three children and their parents navigate through the ups and downs of visiting a museum.

Can you imagine?

Comforting your six or seven year old afraid of a ceremonial costume while your tween is making comments about that nude Frisbee player. Oh, and don't forget the toddler sneaking out of their stroller while you gaze at a portrait too long.


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