Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For the Tough Times

For the Tough Times:  Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope by Max Lucado

For the Tough Times is a quick read.  Only eight chapters long and if given a solid block of time, most will finish this book within an hour.  The chapters flow well together; you won’t want to put it down.

When All That Is Good Falls Apart is an excellent introduction.  Read your headline news, talk to your neighbor or see the number of businesses closing in your community and our Nation.  Good things are falling apart all around us and when that happens, we look for answers.

Here is a breakdown of chapters in addition to the intro to aid you in your search for those answers.

Chapter 1:  Where is God?
Chapter 2:  God’s Great Love
Chapter 3:  Eyes on the Father
Chapter 4:  Good Triumphant
Chapter 5:  The Bitter Taste of Revenge
Chapter 6:  In the Silence, God Speaks
Chapter 7:  In the Storm, We Pray
Chapter 8:  From God’s Perspective
Do It Again, Lord:  A Prayer for Troubled Times

The over-all tone of the book reminds us that it’s not about us.  We must remember that no matter how troubled our times are, we must trust in Him.

This is the first of Max Lucado’s works that I’ve read and look forward to others.

Brief and to the point, this is a good read and possible catalyst for study groups.  A bit larger than the average 4x6 note card, this book is small enough to take with you.  Not to mention it would be great as a gift or a permanent spot on your bedside nightstand.


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