Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Reminiscing with a Book of Nursery Rhymes

Over the Hills and Far Away by Alan Marks (Ages 1-6) 1994

A great collection of nursery rhymes.  All your favorites and then some.  First published in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand in 1993, North-South books published it in the USA and Canada soon after in 1994.

Similar to the fingerplay book I talked about earlier, this is a wonderful book to share with your little ones and travel a bit back in time yourself.

This book, with it's beautiful watercolor illustrations and large print, is sure to please.

Happy Rhyming!

As a side note:  This photo of the cover clearly shows the Parents' Choice Award emblem; however, I have not been able to find proof.  My copy from the library does not have the emblem...  If anyone has any insight or know where I can verify, that would be wonderful!


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