Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mixed Reviews

As books and movies go, I decided to read a book before watching the movie.  I don't watch many movies anyway, so, I guess I've always missed out...  on both ends.

At any rate, my debut, book before the movie was Marley & Me by John Grogan.

I loved the whole thing.  Not sure what to write about since it appears that everyone is writing/talking about it.  Overall this story has gotten rave reviews; however, I have read quite a few that are less than happy about it.  I agree, some of the dog rearing tactics used were not what I would have done and yet some are...

If you don't know anything about the book/movie, it's a man who loves his dog from when he was a child, who meets a woman who also loves her dog from when she was a child.

They get married.

Decide to get a dog of their own.

Life happens.

Are terrible dog owners, but do the best they can.

Start a family.

Make some poor decisions.

Live their lives.

Adore their family.

Adore their dog.

Move cross country.

Loose their beloved dog to old age.



Get another dog.

Get better advice on how to be better dog owners.

Life goes on.

Have a great Day!


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