Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stone Soup

Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth (Ages Baby & Preschool) 2003

A wonderful story of three monks, while on a journey along a mountain, ponder what makes one happy.  As they continue, the come upon a village where everyone is only for themselves and definitely not happy.  Unknown by the monks, the village has suffered through famine, floods and war.

Once in the village, you would never know anyone lived there.  All of the people were closed up in their homes; doors locked, windows shut tight and homes were dark.

The three monks, Hok, Lok and Siew, decided to show the villagers how to make stone soup.  They started with their own, small tin pot and started to gather branches.  With the help of a inquisitive and brave little girl, the villagers were soon very eager to contribute to the soup as the monks talked amongst themselves of what would make the soup better.  Once a comment was made, someone would run home to bring back what was needed.

The villagers feasted on their soup and afterwards songs, stories and celebrations went long into the night.

That night, the villages realized how much they had to give and how much more comes back in return.  It's a wonderful story that shares unconditional love and gratitude.

Happy Reading!


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