Friday, January 16, 2009

Enough Hound to Go Around

Madeline's Rescue by Ludwig Bemelmans (Ages 4-8) 1953

After earning an Honors spot with the original Madeline in 1940, this story in the series earns Ludwig Bemelmans the 1954 Caldecott Medal and rightfully so as Bemelmans' rich colors bring his vivid illustrations alive.

Madeline is at it again, still not minding Miss Clavel.  Hopefully she will learn to heed Miss Clavel's warnings.  But alas, this time Madeline falls into the Seine and almost drowns.  A clever dog rescues here from certain death.  The girls bring her home and name her Genevieve, but all is not well, as there is just not enough hound to go around for these twelve little girls and a fight ensues.

Genevieve is then kicked out after an inspection.  Much sorrow goes around, but there is yet another surprise to be found.

Sure to please.  If you haven't already you should check out this and other Madeline stories.

Happy Reading!


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