Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memory Lane

Let's Do Fingerplays by Marion F. Grayson (Ages 2-6) 1962

According the Forward of the book, as written...
"Books of fingerplays have been few and fart between, and teachers and mothers, particularly, have been forced to tax their memories for fingerplays where a ready guide would be most acceptable."
These days we are fortunate to have vast resources available to us and I guess, back when this was written - it makes sense that a collection of this "theme" wasn't readily available.

Very well laid out, the fingerplays are organized by category.  For example, fingerplays describing the child from head to toe is all together.  Here you'll find "Where is Thumbkin" or "This is the Circle that is my Head" - among others.  You'll find all or most counting fingerplays like "This Old Man" or "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" together with others of the same.

Not only that, the index is split into two sections.  One section alphabetizes the fingerplays by the first line.  Very helpful if you remember the first line and not the rest.  The other section of the index has them alphabetized by title.

Again, very well thought out planning.  There were several fingerplays I couldn't remember from when I was little that I found in this book and am excited now I can finally share them, as a whole, with my three.

Whether you search for this one at your local library, borrow from a friend or get something more up to date, you'll be sure to find something that will take you down memory lane.

Happy Reading!


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