Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's on My Nightstand - January

It's that time again when 5 Minutes for Books hosts the monthly carnival - Whats on Your Nightstand?  Click on over and see what everyone else is reading, or better yet, link up yourself and share with the rest of us what you are reading.  No blog is necessary.  You can always join in by leaving comments on what you are reading.

Each week, while I'm at the library, after I get my predetermined selections, I browse through some sections and pick a title or two purely based on the title and cover art.  This week, PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern caught my eye and once I read the back cover, I had to get it.  From the back cover.  
"Holly and Gerry are the kind of perfectly happy married couple that others envy.  Then, at the age of thirty, Gerry is diagnosed with a terrible illness.  Months after after Gerry's death, Holly receives a package of letters that he's left for her, instructing her to perform a series of unexpected tasks.  With the help of the letters - and her fun, quick-witted girlfriends and raucously endearing family that smothers, loves and drivers her crazy - Holly wobbles, weaves, and jokes her way toward a new life, even larger than the one that she's been force to leave behind."
What's Age Got To Do With It by Robin McGraw is one that I'm reviewing as an agreement with the publisher, Thomas Nelson.

The Revolution - A Manifesto by Ron Paul.  Although I can't remember why I requested this one from the library, but it came in so it's added to my stack.  :)

As much as I've had good intentions of doing so, I've never read anything by Dale Carnegie, so I picked up How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.  I do tend to worry too much.  I've done so my whole life, but then again.  Who doesn't?

If you haven't stopped by here before, I have three small children.  All born in 2005.  Our son was born in January and our twin girls were born in December of the same year.  All three of them are going through their stages in life - mostly at the same time.  I worry about being a good parent.  I recognize that bad kids are usually the product of bad parenting.  I also know that the "bad parents" are not usually "bad parents" on purpose.  So, in the pursuit of being a better parent, I've picked up Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leham.

I've thought about this book before, but never got it.  Then while talking with a friend of mine, she suggested that I get it.  So I did.

As I believed, this book is not about bad kids.  It's about being a better parent.  I've read through a few chapters and I'm anxiously waiting for Dr. Leman to cover topics that are specific to our situations, but we'll see.  Either way, I'm happy so far.

I LOVE our library and I use it to test drive some books before I buy them, so right now, I'm test driving Parenting Preschoolers with a Purpose by Jolene Roehlkepartain, Homeschool Your Child for Free by Laura Maery Gold and Joan Zielinski and Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Laura Davis and Janis Keyser.

So, what's on your Nightstand?

Happy Reading!


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